Low Code
AI Powered
Insurance Claim Automation

Tautona is accelerating digital transformation in the
insurance industry. Our intelligent claims automation
solutions are powered by pre-trained robots and AI.

Reduce claims handling times from days to minutes for simple claims

One of the most common causes of frustration with insurers is delays. The more steps and handoffs in the claims process, the more likely delays will occur. We consolidate and automate manual tasks leading to improved customer service for claimant.

Identify insurance fraud at claim inception and stop it in its tracks

Insurance fraud continues to be a major issue for insurers as only a fraction of fraud is detected when claims are processed. We provide deep insight into claims making the connections that may not otherwise be made by human claim experts.

Cut loss adjuster expenses to near zero for a third of all claims.

While other industries have reduced unit costs by more than 50% over the past 15 years, loss adjuster expenses for the insurance industry has remained unchanged.

We Differentiate Ourselves By Providing Hyperautomation Services To A Niche Market

Tautona focuses on the insurance industry, specifically claims automation, while its competitors offer broad
automation services to multiple industries.


Tautona harnesses AI to automate complex end-to-end business processes, rather than just RPA to automate simple, repetitive, standalone tasks.


Tautona provides its clients with a globally accessible cloud platform, rather than a locally installed on-premises solution.

Tautona implements a software as a service model (SaaS), rather than the traditional software licensing model.


First RPA company in the market to automate Homeowner and Commercial multiple peril claims end-to-end with minimal human intervention.


Intelligent Claims Automation

Tautona uses intelligent claims origination to capture loss information from brokers or customers, give a human feel to the exchange of multi-step communications and provide an improved customer experience.

Straight Through Processing

By automating Proximate Cause identification and Policy Coverage Analysis, Tautona enables straight through processing of simple high volume claims from First Notification of Loss (FNOL) to final customer payment .

Surgical Triaging

Tautona enables surgical triaging of claims at First Notification of Loss (FNOL) for fast resolution based on priority , loss estimation, Proximate Cause and Policy Coverage Analysis

We Create Value For All Stakeholders


Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Reduced administrative burden at claim time. Increased capacity to perform value add tasks for customers.


Faster claims payment following loss event. Greater visibility of the status of their claim. Potentially lower premiums as a result of less fraud / lower costs.


Reduced operational costs and process performance. Higher transparency to support better customer service. Improved process accuracy and claims ratio.

Group 3

Bots That Know Your Business.

Leading insurers globally use Tautona to automate their claims processes, because unique among RPA companies, we use AI to automate tasks that require human judgement. Whilst standard RPA tool vendors offer broad automation services to multiple industries, we focus exclusively on the insurance industry.

Our library of low code applications can be rapidly deployed across various insurance classes of business for immediate benefit. By implementing our low code applications insurers can bring down operational costs, reduce claim handling times and ensure customer-first experiences.

Group 1

Reduce Claim Cycle Time And Loss Adjuster Expenses.

Increase the number of claims per desk adjuster that can be serviced each day by order of magnitude. Automate proximate cause identification and  policy coverage analysis and increase desk adjuster productivity by 50% or more.

Focus skilled labour on desk adjusting and
reduce the amount of unnecessary investigations and property inspections. Provide field adjusters with detailed cause of loss and coverage information and increaseproductivity by 25%.

Group 4 (3)

Straight Through Process 35% Of Claims.

Tautona’s Claims Adjuster Bot:

Takes the first notice of loss from a customer and handles the entire claim through resolution for simple claims, paying the claimant or declining the claim with minimal human intervention. Assigns claims it is not authorized to settle, to human claims experts, based on complexity, claim cost, cause of loss, expertise and workload, and;

Even where human escalation is needed, the Claim Adjuster Bot will have done much of the heavy lifting so your team can settle claims and support customers in their hour of need as quickly and smoothly as possible. Better claims management will increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer and agent service

Group 6

Lower Fraud Losses And False Positives.

Forensic AI based solution that identifies individual and syndicate fraud. Incorporates 3rd party data including red flag lists, credit and financial, sanctions lists, criminal history. Flags suspicious claims at first notification of loss and refers for human intervention.

Tautona’s bot provides an actionable synopsis to help claims adjusters and fraud investigators make informed decisions. Continual research and development to reflect the latest fraud related schemes, trends and risk indicators.

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