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Tautona Is The First Insurtech To Automate Policy Coverage Analysis - A Critical Factor For End-to-end Claims Automation

End-to-end claims automation cannot be achieved with traditional programming techniques and
requires software that can process complex technical concepts and language.

Neural Networks

Neural networks that identify, extract and interpret structured and unstructured data from documents and images including emails, text, scans, photos and PDFs.

Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms that identify fraudulent claims, segment and classify risks, predict loss amounts and adjust loss reserving through reinforcement learning.

Natural Langugae Understanding

A world first Natural Language Understanding engine that can analyse complex insurance policies and decide claims with little or no human intervention.

Career Opportunities

You will be able to say that you were there at the beginning.


Our Vision Is To Redesign The Traditional Workplace!
Empower Insurance Professionals.
Using Robotics And Artificial Intelligence.

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Tautona is an intelligent or hyper automation company. We use AI to automate tasks that have traditionally required human cognitive abilities. Our vision is to redesign the traditional workplace and empower insurance professionals by using robotics and artificial intelligence. 

Whilst Tautona’s competitors offer broad automation services to multiple industries, we focus exclusively on the insurance sector, specifically claim processing.  Our library of reusable automated claim processes can be rapidly deployed across various insurance classes and lines of business for immediate benefit. 

By implementing our claims automation solutions insurers can bring down operational costs, reduce claim handling times and ensure customer-first experiences.

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