AI Powered Claims Adjuster Bot™

End-to-end claims automation cannot be achieved with traditional programming techniques and requires AI powered software robots that can that recognise dynamic interfaces, read complex documents and make important decisions

Automation Of Simple Claims Is A Very Difficult Problem To Solve

The challenge for straight through processing is
automating policy coverage analysis which is the
foundation of any claim assessment. This is a complex
task that historically has required a desk adjuster to
analyse complex paper based policy forms at claim time.

Redesigning How Insurance Claims Are Processed Is Our Top Priority!

The claims process represents the most acute pain, it is where animosity toward the industry is most commonly cultivated. Re- imaging claims by removing all of the friction, hassle, cost, and delays, is a key driver of our leadership in claim automation.

The Claims Adjuster Bot™ Solution.
Thinks and acts like an experienced insurance professional.

The Claims adjuster Bot can identify proximate cause and perform policy coverage analysis. This is a complex task that to date has required an experienced claims adjuster to analyse the physical policy documents and determine if there is coverage for the loss.

Assist customers facing the impact of extreme weather events more effectively

Responding to CAT events remains a major challenge for the insurance industry. In in the event of a catastrophe such as a hurricane, tornado, major earthquake, or flood, we do all the heavy lifting so your team can settle claims and support customers in their hour of need as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Cut Cycle Time From Days To Minutes
Near Zero Costs For A Third Of Claims

Make A Coverage Determination On 80% Of Claims Within 5 minutes Of Receiving The Claim

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