Our Full Stack Platform

Our Platform Comprises
A Complete Stack Of Automation Technologies Enabling
The Right Approach For You

Intelligent Workflow Engine

Configure and monitor end-to-end claims processes with enterprise grade solution.

Robotic Process Automation

Automate routine tasks in a workflow and integrate systems without APIs.

Case Management

Orchestrate the handoff between digital workers and claim administrators.

Artificial Intelligence Fabric

Integrate advanced machine learning and natural language processing capabilities into claim processes.

Decision Management Engine

Define complex business logic and execute it automatically.

Cloud Based Microservices Architecture High Impact Low Code Modules Quickly Integrated For Immediate Benefit

Group 13

Microservices architecture with high impact low code modules for immediate business benefit

Drive innovation at unprecedented speeds. Automate claim automation processes 5 x faster than standard RPA initiatives. Multiple systems and data sources consolidated into a single Tautona interface out of the box.
Group 11

Cloud based platform with unlimited compute power and storage scalability

Tautona’s cloud based platform provides significant improvements in performance, security, efficiency, redundancy and scalability over customer premises based solutions

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There is no need for you to buy licenses or size for peaks or  purchase, install and maintain expensive on-premises equipment. Our bot-farm is built on Google’s platform which has industrial grade security and near unlimited scalability.